Aug 242015

Tuesday 25th August

Zara Game

Zara Game  was diagnosed with metastatic Tonsil Cancer in July 2014. After surgery to remove several lymph nodes and then the tonsils, she declined the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy that was offered, much to the disgust of the junior oncologist and the mcmillan nurse. She decided that she would find her own path back to wellness.

“I was given a clean bill of health in July 2015,  just 12 months after my diagnosis. I feel fabulous, my hair and skin are in great condition and I have so much more energy.

I see my Cancer as a great gift, giving me a second chance at life. I now take care of myself with good nutrition, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and pass on my new found knowledge where I can. I have set up a website supplying the Essiac Tea that I feel had such an impact on my recovery.





Chris Woollams has been researching cancer treatments for the last 14 years, originally inspired to do so by his beloved daughter who died from cancer. Seeing a great need for honest information when it comes to cancer treatments, he has dedicated his life to making sure that people can easily find out the information they need when they most need it. He runs the charity Cancer active and edits ICON – which is the most comprehensive magazine about integrative cancer treatments available.

In this interview, he explains the most important areas to focus on when creating a personal prescription.

These are:

1) Ways to improve the effects of orthodox treatments 2) Looking at causes for the cancer you have developed 3) Understanding and thereby blocking the steps of cancer 4) Building a new you.

He also explains a little bit about how epigenetics affect cancer.

Chris has helped many people find their own answers and heal themselves of cancer with the information provided on the Cancer active site and with his many books he has written.

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