Feb 012014

Gordon Ross




Retired Structural Engineer (now working again part time)

My Successful Journey through Oesophagus Cancer
Sunday 8th June, 2:15

Gordon recently retired from a local authority having spent all his working life managing and designing public civil engineering projects. He now works part time on a freelance basis.

He was diagnosed with oesophagus cancer in October 2012 and was advised that the condition was terminal and beyond any hope of surgery.

Gordon employed the services of a life coach and subsequently radically changed his lifestyle and eating, and became a committed Christian. Having undergone 8 cycles of EOX palliative chemotherapy, he was determined to seek further treatment to aide his full healing. This was achieved in Professor Thomas Vogl’s Embolised Chemotherapy in Frankfurt, Germany. This treatment was in part funded with the help of friends and colleagues via the YES TO LIFE charity.

In January 2014, it was confirmed that the cancer was in remission.
At the time of writing, Gordon is still being treated by Professor Vogl for any lingering pre-cancerous cells.

Gordon has since taken up the challenge of spreading the message of hope through determination for individuals and families impacted by terminal cancer.