Sep 112019

A Collaborative ‘not – for – profit’ Retreat. 
For people who have or had cancer –  to learn from and be inspired by each other.

Sun, 13 Oct 2019, 11:00 – Tue, 15 Oct 2019, 16:30 BST
Penny Brohn Centre, Chapel Pill Lane, Pill, Bristol, BS20 0HH


The retreat is co-ordinated and held by members of Cancerucan as well as some specialised workshop leaders.

The aim is to create a safe, loving, fun and sacred space
for each of us to learn, relax, be empowered and gain inspiration
from each other and celebrate ourselves and our healing journeys

The retreat will include:
  • A workshop with the inspirational Sophie Sabbage
  • Empowered Health workshop with ex-stage 4 speaker Jem Ayres
  • Healing stories from Stage 4 thrivers: Emma Louise, Joanne Long and Francis Burns
  • Qi Gong with Masashi
  • Yoga with Joanne Long
  • Energy exercises with Sidika
  • Healing tools with Jenny Littman
  • Healing foods demo with Melanie Gamble
  • EFT/PSYCH K Healing tools for the mind with Fiona Shakeela Burns
  • Rebirthing breath workshop with Benjamin Tree
  • Singing Medicine with Tarisha
  • Divine Pampering with Bayari
  • Singing with Barry
  • Fire ceremony with Annee Bury
  • Sharing circles
  • Dancing
  • Healing Circle with gongs with Paul Cooper and Annee Bury
  • Finding Balance workshop with Penny Brohn Doctor Dr Duncan Still
Specific aims and objectives of the retreat:
  • Empower each other to take charge of our own health
  • Network and share resources and support
  • Inspire and educate
  • Support a fully integrative approach to health & healing
  • Relax, be nourished and pampered
  • Create fun and friendly atmosphere for people to learn in
  • Share information around specific healing modalities inc diet, herbs, relaxation, energy psychology
  • Break from your normal family and home circumstances and conditioning
  • Meet other people who have recovered their health
  • Meet your virtual CUC friends in person

Come for one day 

On Monday, there is an option to come for the day only – ticket price includes lunch, dinner and all refreshments. 



we are very grateful to the generous donation from Together Against Cancer for supporting our retreat.
Also thank you to Karen Waddington for generous donation in the name of her beloved daughter Laura Loftus.