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Founder and Chairman of Cancer charity  ‘Yes To Life’

Opening Address
Friday 6th June: 10:15am

Cancer is one of the most complex conditions and is fraught with contradictions and disagreements in even the most fundamental areas, such as causes and mechanisms.
In order to make intelligent decisions, one has to become a minor expert, which in this field, is a very tall order.
When you do find treatments that may help you with your particular cancer, at your particular stage and a practitioner who offers them in a location you are able to reach, there is still the matter of paying for what is uniformly private medicine.

So essentially people need help – they need help in finding a shortcut to the most promising avenues and many need help with funding.
Above all, people need a positive, supportive response to their difficulties. Robin saw that what was needed was a charity with no agenda other than to help people to build their own integrative programme – using the best on offer from both orthodox medicine and CAM – and then to support them in implementing it.
So Robin established Yes to Life in 2006 as the first and still the only charity offering direct support to anyone with cancer in the UK in obtaining CAM.

Since then, Yes to Life has developed a Helpline Service, a programme of free personalised treatment options and regular seminars to raise public awareness of the range of integrative approaches available. Yes to Life recognises the importance of taking a broad based, proactive approach.

About Robin Daly

Robin Daly founded the charity Yes to Life in response to the immense difficulties he faced in finding authentic, appropriate and available Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments for his daughter Bryony, when she was facing cancer for the third time, age 22.