Feedback from Past Events


Some of the Feedback from Back 2 Health Conference 2013

“That was fantastic, wonderful and inspiring – I’m still buzzing”
Janet, Yorkshire

“Id like to thank you for the most inspiring and uplifting weekend I have spent in a very long time – all your hard work and energy was well worth it”
Cherilyn, Cornwall

“Wow Wow Wow Well done for such a sensational event”
Dawn Cheshire

The fact that the conference was on at all was brilliant. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer in November 2012 and is having treatment now. It was great for her to see other people going through the same experience and having positive outcome. She is thirty five with two small children and an aggressive cancer. The last four months have been the most difficult time of our lives and we are so aware that we have a long way to go before we feel confident that all will be well.” Anon

Thank you so much for putting on this amazing event! I wanted to hear from people first hand what they did and how they did it. Sunday satisfied that desire. The ‘how’ turned out to be more important than the ‘what’. Each person showed such uniqueness and such courage in what they had to face and overcome. It was inspiring. And I think, for me anyway, more personal stories need to be out there as irrefutable proof that it’s possible to heal alternatively from all kinds of cancer at all kinds of stages. People simply don’t know and others don’t believe it.”Anon

Thank you for an amazing, wonderful, inspired, fun, fantastic and absolutely brilliant conference – wow!”
Sally, Stroud

Meeting like minded people on the same path. Have MDS (AKA pre-leukaemia) and had been feeling very uptight about docs and friends attitudes, this weekend I felt like I could finally lighten up and laugh about it. Felt more energised as the weekend went on, and came back feeling really positive”. Anon

The information I gained has helped me fill the gaps in my own regime and given me a little more peace of mind that I am on the right track.” Anon

Thank you so much for running this – much needed to help people be in charge of their lives. Xx” Anon

Well done. And thank you for your committment, enthusiasm and unbridled joy!” Anon

thank you for organising it – brilliant. Also was very good the way that both therapists and people with cancer could benefit equally from the conference” Anon

I have enormous admiration for the persistence of Fiona’s vision and her achievement in bringing this together. Hopefully it’s unstoppable now.” Anon