May 222014

Sara Turner Interviews Fiona Shakeela Burns on the Nature Connections show on Natural Health Radio about Fiona’s recovery from Cancer twice, and the upcoming Cancer Care Conference Back 2 Health at Exeter Castle. Having recovered twice from ‘terminal’ cancer without using conventional medicine, Fiona feels it is important to share her story. She believes that the body is capable of great miracles when it comes to healing and that health is our default setting – our job being to get out of the way as much as possible and let the body do it’s job. Fiona originally trained as a … Read more

Mar 222014
Understanding Cancer

  Entrance price to Wellbeing Festival: £15 Saturday 29th March 12pm at The Wellbeing Festival Hamilton House 80 Stokes Croft Bristol BS9 4AJ Fiona Shakeela Burns is a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath who has healed from cancer twice – first time as a child with leukaemia and second time 31 years later when she had metastasised cervical cancer which had spread to the ovaries and brain. Both times, doctors  declared she was dying and both times she recovered completely – without any conventional medicine. In this talk, she explains what cancer actually is and explains that to see it as ‘the … Read more

Mar 222014
Is Cancer Reversible?

Free Talk Thursday 3rd April 2014 7pm – 8.30pm Hamilton House 80 Stokes Croft Bristol BS1 3QY Having fully recovered from ‘terminal cancer’ twice, Fiona has an important message to share. As a child of 11, she had leukaemia and sarcoma – then 31 years later, she had metastasised cervix cancer which had spread to ovaries and brain. She declined conventional treatment, Fiona is passionate about sharing the information and understanding that her experiences have given her. Cancer is generally misunderstood – often being portrayed as the enemy. In this talk, Fiona de-mystifies the disease and shares some ways that can … Read more