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My Recovery from Horrific Injury and Aggressive Breast Cancer
Sunday 8th June 12:20


My name is Janie Martel – I used to teach but since an horrific accident in 1991, I sustained multiple injuries including brain damage and a host of other complications including meningitis, septicaemia, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, cardiac arrest and then very aggressive breast cancer. I have had over 23 years of hospitals. I wasn’t surprised when diagnosed with cancer – with all the trauma my body had been through and I simply glow in the dark with radiation.

What I really wish to get across is lets use common sense, its clear that the best practice is to use the best of both worlds –

mainstream where essential and a more natural holistic approach where ever possible. So for me I would not be alive had it not been for the intravenous intervention of penicillin and antibiotics, but what is so vital is then to build up the devastated effects of both trauma to the body and breakdown of the immune system.

I was so fortunate to talk to the best brains all over the world and was then able to make an informed decision. That is probably why I am still alive today.