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Professional Speaker and Cancer Maverick

Terminal to Triumphant – The Maverick Approach
Sunday 8th June, 4:20


In 2012 Nina received the shocking news that she had incurable breast cancer and her life expectancy was less than 12 months. She could have become just another statistic, but Nina couldn’t and wouldn’t just sit back and accept the inevitable. She felt she had been training for this all her life. She has over 25 years experience in financial services and has faced many challenging projects and situations. The skills developed during that time now came into their own. She knew exactly what she needed to do….. defy the odds, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Nina loves to challenge people to achieve more than they believe they are capable of. She speaks to leadership and sales teams on how they too can have the mental toughness to push through, to have the resilience to bounce back time after time, and start achieving more than they ever believed they could.

She shares the 3 Steps that took her from terminal to triumphant, which are guaranteed to get you through whatever life or business throws your way.

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