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Friday 16th  June 2017 | 2.30pm – 6pm
Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY

This inspiring event will show you that you do not have to settle for simply surviving – you can Thrive! Two inspiring natural health experts share their insights as to how you can take your health to the next level.


Dr Judy Seeger ND

Ten Effective, Low-cost Ways to Detox Using Foods, Herbs, & Natural Therapies

Judy is a detox specialist, originally from Hungary now living in Florida. 

She became involved in the complimentary medicine field 35 years ago when health challenges overcame her; Chronic sickness, including chronic fatigue syndrome meant that her quality of life was severely impacted for many years until she began studying with world famous teachers who changed her life. 

Having regained her health, she went on to become a nutritionist, naturopath, researcher and author. Judy has witnessed many lives being transformed through her ‘Three-Step Detox System’ – the details of which she shares in this talk.

If you’ve detoxed before and not gotten more sleep, more energy, more mental clarity, you might have missed a few key steps. No worries! Judy will walk you through the steps to eliminate toxins the right way so you can get the results you deserve.

You will learn:

  • Get Started Step by Step Detox Guide
  • 8 Must-Have foods that can cleanse your body from chemo, radiation poisoning
  • 5 Natural Therapies That Cost Less Than $20
  • How to Get Fast Results without Detox Side-Effects
  • Daily Detox Checklist That Are Super Simple…and most importantly, you will understand how detoxing emotionallyand mentally can lead to faster healing results than ever before.

Fiona Shakeela Burns MNIMH

The Power of Your Mind to Influence Healing in the Body

Fiona has twice healed from stage four cancer – leukaemia and sarcoma as a child and metastasised cervix cancer which had gone to the ovaries and brain as an adult. In both cases she recovered completely without the use of conventional treatment.

In order to heal she addressed her dis-ease on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Her second journey with cancer taught her about the very important role that the mind plays in creating health – the key aspects of which, she is delighted to share with you in this talk.

Fiona will share with us the importance of the mind when it comes to healing and will share her incredible healing story

  • The Formula for health
  • Understanding the principles of law of Attraction
  • How language affects our ability to heal
  • Understanding Epigenetics
  • Breaking habits of thought to achieve the results you seek


We are delighted to announce that Tarisha – AKA “Singing medicine woman” will be bringing her healing songs to the day. Tarisha recovered from breast cancer – refused chemotherapy and found her way back to health by radically changing her diet and listening to her inner guidance. Her cancer journey led to her becoming deeply connected to nature which inspires her profoundly beautiful and healing songs!

We also have Debra White Hughes who has healed her breast cancer naturally and will share some of her new book with us which is about her healing journey.