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Pauline Lomas






Talk: And So We Heal
Sunday 8th June 4pm

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, Pauline refused chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and went in search of alternative, holistic regimes.  Her journey was documented in a book ‘And So We Heal’ published in 2009.

Following a recurrence she decided to set up a blog to continue sharing about the ongoing search to find wellness, and help other women with their own treatment choices. Like so many survivors she is dedicated to helping and inspiring others to find healing through less invasive treatments.

Pauline’s book ‘And So We Heal’

By Chris Woollams, MA (Oxon) ICON Magazine 

Diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before her 50th birthday, Pauline Lomas is determined to heal herself without the conventional surgery, chemo, and radiation. In her book, And So We Heal, she writes, “This was not something the doctors could just cut out and I would return to normal life. I knew instinctively all was not well in my ‘normal’ life. The truth is, I was sad and heartbroken…surely there had to be a connection.”

No stranger to drama or indeed comedy, having once been an actress in Hollywood – including a stint as Meryl Steep’s stand-in – Pauline uses the diagnosis as an opportunity for transformation, courageously taking a deep look at her own remarkable life. Taken by her hand, we discover  how the time-honoured search for inner balance suddenly becomes urgent  and poignant when the body breaks its own rules and cells go haywire. Truly an extraordinary book full of useful information, nutritional guidance, and positive affirmations, made all the more special by the colourful art and images that were a part of her  healing process. A sense of humour shines bright, and authenticity blows throughout the text like a fresh breath of hope. Her own personal prescription for self healing is there for all to read. “As children we were told that archangels are a special breed of angels, which next to their natural sweetness have the strength and courage to overcome the most fearsome demons”, as Pauline says. This adventure, for her whole life has truly been an adventure, is   fascinatingly documented. Pauline Lomas is an example for all of how a steely determination can be associated with a tender soul. An unpretending angel, with the humility of she who knows that life is fleeting and that we are all equal before illness. Pauline is an angel that has ‘made it’.