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Gerson Support Group 

Workshop: Nutrition, Cancer and the Gerson Therapy (optional)
Saturday 7th June 2:15pm 

In this workshop, Joanna Hil and her support team explain how the Gerson Therapy works and what is involved in it. The Therapy was created by Max Gerson, a German doctor who , having discovered  the effectiveness of it in treating TB, decided to apply it to other conditions. He published his successes with treating cancer in his book A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer in 1958.

Joanne and Lesley Pearce run The Gerson Support Group in Chesham, Bucks, UK.

About Joanna Hill

Originally trained as an accountant and management consultant, Joanne became interested in therapeutic nutrition in 2002 as a result of her mother’s unsuccessful conventional fight with cancer.   Now on the management committee of the Gerson Support Group and Cofounder of the Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare in Chesham, Bucks (www.bagnallcentre.com) where the GSG is now based .  Her long term aim is to set up clinical trials to prove the therapeutic power of nutrition.

GSG website is www.gersonsupportgroup.org.uk