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Founder of College of Natural Nutrition
Author of  ‘Cellular Awakening’

The Importance of Techniques in Healing
Saturday 7th June 2:15pm & 3:35pm

When we are asking our body to heal itself we are asking it to do more work. We need therefore to support overworked areas like the liver to fulfill its work without increasing stress to the body. We will look at how different techniques bring energy into the organs in the body.

About Barbara

Barbara’s first contact with the medical profession was as a student nurse at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, at the age of 18. During this time she developed Anorexia Nervosa which continued to be a problem for many years. After nursing, Barbara worked at University College Hospital, London, with thyroid cancer patients.

The next ten years were spent having a family of 4 children. It was after the birth of the 4th child that Barbara developed M.E./M.S. symptoms and became almost dysfunctional. The medical profession had no answers for these problems and so she started to take full responsibility for curing herself. In order to do this she read a great deal of conventional literature from which she was able to extrapolate and create her own philosophy around healing.

After moving to Devon, Barbara became involved with the foundation of the Natural Health Network Clinic. She also began practising as a dietary therapist in a local G.P.’s practice. From these involvements she developed her philosophy even further and began to see the larger picture, displaying a series of connections rather than isolated incidents.

The real test for Barbara’s philosophy was to heal herself. She began to put all her ideas into practice and embarked on the road to recovery. This was a very successful process culminating in a year’s pre-conceptual work before having her fifth child at 43. During this pregnancy Barbara co-founded “The College of Dietary Therapy” where she started to share her concepts with students. This college ran from 1982 to 1989 and trained many of todays Dietary Therapists.

From that point on she has been in great demand to share her concepts with organisations around the country, including The National Child Birth Trust, Well Women Clinics, The Informed Parent, M.E. Groups and Colleges of Kinesiology, Polarity, Osteopathy and Acupuncture. She has also had several articles published in the national press on her philosophy.

As well as teaching, Barbara continues to practice in the South West. She tends to attract patients who have tried various therapies without success and are desperate to get better. She puts emphasis on educating her patients to see why they have arrived at their current state and then gives them the means to take control of their own healing process. Running a college, a busy practice, and a family of five children, she has proved that her philosophy really does work.

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