Feb 022014
Fiona Shakeela Burns MNIMH

    Conference OrganiserMedical Herbalist Energy – Psychology Facilitator Health Coach Welcome & Introduction Friday 6th June: 10:00am    Why the Back 2 Health Conference? Fiona understands that dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most stressful experiences that a person ever has to face. She has organised this conference in order to make available trustworthy and life-saving information that she believes should be freely available to anybody who needs it. The word cancer is super-charged with fear and when we are fearful, we tend to give our power away. One of the most important parts to the … Read more

Feb 012014
Professor Thomas J. Vogl, M.D. - Interventional Methods

    Diagnostic Radiologist Head of the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University of Frankfurt since 1997 Interventional Methods Saturday 7th June: 10:15am Professor Vogl’s institute is in a position to offer a total of ten interventional methods for the therapy of a variety of tumors, metastases and recidivist tumors. Frankfurt, Germany has become a primary cancer center in Europe offering outstanding service in interventional conventional oncological therapies like chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, TACE trans arterial chemo-embolisation while transarterial chemoperfusion (TACP), and transpulmonary chemoembolization (TPCE) have become particularly viable methods for the treatment of malignant tumors in the lung.

Feb 012014
Dr Rosy Daniel, M.D. BSc, MBBCh - Making The Right treatment Choices For You

  Integrative Medicine Consultant Co-founder of British College of Integrated Medicine Talk: Making the Right Treatment Choices for You Saturday 7th June 12:05pm Workshop: Living the Right Life For You Saturday 7th June 2:15pm (2 hours) (Optional)   Talk:Making the Right Treatment Choices for You Guidance from Integrative Medicine Consultant, Dr Rosy Daniel who has spent 28 years helping people to navigate their way through the maze of treatment choices to find what is authentic , safe, timely and effective within medicine, therapy and self-healing. Workshop:Living the Right Life for You  – a workshop with Dr Rosy Daniel  to explore the Health … Read more

Feb 012014
Dr. Brian Clement - Change Your Lifestyle, Save Your Life: How to Prevent Aging and Heal Disease

    Ph.D Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida USA Talk: Change Your Lifestyle, Save Your Life –  How to Prevent Aging and Heal Disease Friday 6th June 2:30pm Learn how changing your lifestyle and eating living foods abundant in energy and extraordinary nutrition protects cells from early death, thus promoting life extension. Dr. Clement will explain how each of us can increase our life span and increase the quality of our health and well-being.  His extensive clinical research as Director of Hippocrates Health Institute has shown him how people can prevent premature ageing and disease.

Feb 012014
Dr Dana Flavin MD

    MDFounder of Foundation for Collaborative medicine Conneticut Can Stage 4 Cancers be Reversed Using Integrative Oncology?Friday 6th June, 4:20    In this workshop, Dana shares some of her findings and experiences treating diseases including stage four cancers. Dr. Flavin recently began the Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research in Greenwich Connecticut. The purpose of this group is to provide a form for sharing  information with colleagues and patients from around the world treatments based upon nutrition and lifestyle. Dr Flavin is helping to find and develop new cutting-edge therapies from around the world for cancer, diabetes, and many … Read more

Feb 012014
Patricia Peat RGN - New Developments in Integrative Medicine - Home and Abroad

    Founder of  ‘Cancer Options’  – Cancer information consultancy service Oncology Nurse Talk: New Developments in Integrative  Medicine – Home and Abroad Friday 6th June 10:30am Patricia will be examining the new developments from both the orthodox and integrative worlds and how people can best combine them for the most effective cancer programme possible. After many years as an oncology nurse Patricia saw the need for people to have access to good quality information about all approaches to treatment so they could make informed decisions about their cancer treatment decisions and thereby take charge of their recoveries.

Feb 012014
Dr Judy Seeger - Detoxification for Health & Wellbeing

      Detoxification specialist Naturopathic Doctor Talk: Detoxification for Health and Wellbeing Friday 6th June 11:50am In this workshop Judy shares her vast experience of working with people for many years as a naturopathic physician. She shares methods used in her clinics in Florida, where she has worked with thousands of people to detoxify their bodies. Judy explains how drinking vegetable juices alone is not enough and can even be dangerous if you’re just coming off chemotherapy.

Feb 012014
Barbara Wren - The Importance Of Techniques in Healing

    Nutritionist Founder of College of Natural Nutrition Author of  ‘Cellular Awakening’ Lecturer Workshop: The Importance of Techniques in Healing Saturday 7th June 2:15pm & 3:35pm When we are asking our body to heal itself we are asking it to do more work. We need therefore to support overworked areas like the liver to fulfill its work without increasing stress to the body. We will look at how different techniques bring energy into the organs in the body.

Feb 012014
Martin Powell - Medicinal Mushrooms and Their Role in Cancer Therapy

        Talk: Medicinal Mushrooms and Their Role in Cancer Therapy Sunday 8th June 10:15am Martin Powell (MRCHM, BScHons Biochemistry) is a practitioner and lecturer in traditional Chinese medicine who for the last 15 years has specialized in the therapeutic use of medicinal mushrooms and is the author of Medicinal Mushrooms – The Essential Guide and Medicinal Mushrooms – A Clinical Guide.

Feb 012014
Dee Atkinson - My Recovery from stage 3 Peritoneal Cancer

    Medical Herbalist Talk: The journey for my life Sunday 8th 11:35am In July 2013, Dee was unexpectedly  diagnosed with Stage three Primary Peritoneal Cancer. She found herself having to sit in the patient’s seat and was taking the journey that she had travelled on so often with her patients. It  has been the biggest learning curve of her herbal career. It has been a journey for her life. Dee qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 1988, and quickly recognised the need  for professional practice of Herbal Medicine on the high street. She also saw that the public needed improved … Read more