Feb 012014

Dr Rosy Daniel, M.D. BSc, MBBCh


Integrative Medicine Consultant
Co-founder of British College of Integrated Medicine

Talk: Making the Right Treatment Choices for You
Saturday 7th June 12:05pm

Workshop: Living the Right Life For You
Saturday 7th June 2:15pm (2 hours)


Talk:Making the Right Treatment Choices for You Guidance from Integrative Medicine Consultant, Dr Rosy Daniel who has spent 28 years helping people to navigate their way through the maze of treatment choices to find what is authentic , safe, timely and effective within medicine, therapy and self-healing.

Workshop:Living the Right Life for You  – a workshop with Dr Rosy Daniel  to explore the Health Creation approach to becoming authentic and true to ourselves, and to live the life that makes our hearts sing, our spirits soar and our cells tingle with vibrant life and radiant health.

About Dr Rosy Daniel

An Integrative Medicine Consultant, Dr Rosy Daniel is one of Britain’s leading Integrative Medicine Consultants, who first specialised in the holistic empowerment of those with cancer and in the prevention of cancer. She now offers proactive healthcare to those with all types of lifestyle related illness and depression to support the regeneration of positive health and happiness.
Trained medically in Cardiff (1977-1983) and also achieving a First Class Physiology degree (1980), Rosy moved on to train as a General Practitioner in Bristol until 1989.
She was Medical Director of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (1989-1999) (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care) and has authored six books on cancer and its prevention, lecturing and broadcasting nationally and internationally. Becoming fascinated by mind-body medicine, complementary medicine, psychological and empowering self-help approaches, she has spent 25 years studying, developing and practising what has come to be known as Integrative Medicine, helping people get the very best outcomes physically, emotionally and spiritually when faced with a cancer crisis.
After leaving the Bristol Centre she set up Health Creation, an organisation which has pioneered a proactive health coaching approach for support of the ill, as well as motivational health coaching for individuals and in the workplace. The Health Creation approach has also been set up in Denmark and Ireland and training of Health Creation Mentors and Consultants is accredited at postgraduate level by Bath Spa University.
In 2011 she became a member of the Harvard Medical School, Coaching in Medicine & Leadership National Team working to define the tasks and competencies of health and wellness coaches.

In 2001 Dr Daniel set up the charity Healthy Bristol to create a quality assured directory of integrated medical resources for use by the medical profession. In 2007 this charity evolved into a national charity, The Integrative Health Trust through which Dr Daniel has co-founded the British College of Integrated Medicine. Its first course, a Postgraduate Diploma in the Study of Integrated Medicine commenced in September 2009 validated by the University of Buckingham Medical School with the academic partnership of Professor Sikora until September 2011. 
Dr Daniel has a private Integrative Medicine practice in Bath at the Circle Hospital and was formerly practising at the Harley Street Oncology Centre, London (1999-2004).

In May 2011 she launched the Regenerative Health Programme in Bath to widen out her approach to those with all types of lifestyle related illness to support them through the adoption of intensive lifestyle programme and health coaching to reverse the effects of illness, ageing and depression and the achievement of authentic, joyful living.
Her healthcare approach combines sensitive, compassionate warmth in her own style of highly personalised holistic medicine. She is a passionate advocate for positive health and environmental protection through the promotion of wholehearted living based upon emotional, physical, spiritual and ecological integrity.