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Tuesday 8th March 12pm

Please note that this will be the last Back2Health Radio Show for a while as I am taking a break to focus on other aspects of my work. A big thank you to The Really Healthy Company for supporting the show by sponsoring it for the last 18 months. As featured on BBC Inside out

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Connell was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal kidney cancer which had metastisized. He had surgery to remove his kidney/tumour and metastasis on his head and was then put on a chemotherapy treatment which had an endless list of side effects the main one wiping out the one thing he needed the most to fight it – his immune system. He went from being a fit and healthy 32 year old male to an invalid almost overnight. He couldn’t even push his baby daughter in her pushchair to the end of his street.

“It was difficult for me to come to terms with and I was even planning my own funeral in my head”.

He started to research how to reverse his illness and everything was leading him to a holistic and natural approach. ” That was my lightbulb moment –  the body is a natural self-healer but you just have to give it the tools it needs”.  As the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, quotes “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”.  He came off his treatment after 3 months and decided to take matters into his own hands.

“My first step was attending a raw food health retreat. This gave me the foundations I needed to try and follow a vegan diet consisting of a whole foods, plant-based nutrition cutting back initially on meat, dairy, sugar and all processed foods before cutting out completely. Being originally from Glasgow, home of the deep fried mars bar, this was extremely difficult for me at first but gradually became easier. I never really ate much fresh fruit or vegetables and lived on a diet of sugar and processed food for convenience. I barely drunk any water and had fizzy pop instead and would drink a pint of milk with dinner thinking that was being healthy. I would go to the gym then have whey protein shakes and a steak thinking this was the best way to get protein. Oh how I was wrong!”

He now loves the feeling of being back in control of his body and reversing this illness by natural methods. “I understand how daunting drastically changing diet can be and people many find this extreme but it is the best thing I have ever done and have never felt so good. I may not be here otherwise. I love waking up in the morning and making my shot of wheatgrass before my vegetable juice and eating this way knowing that I am alkalising my body to prevent this ever coming back. I am really passionate and positive about this lifestyle and love nothing better than helping people by sharing the knowledge I have researched and hence the reason to start this blog”.

Disclaimer: Please note the information on this website is personal to my cancer journey and should not be interpreted as advice or recommendation on the treatment of or cure for cancer.




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