Nov 032014

September 2014

In this show, Fiona interviews 3 inspiring guests:

Kavi Jezzie Hockaday
Kavi recovered from ulcerative colitis after doctors told him his only option was to have part of his colon removed and to have a colostomy bag! – He shares about the lifestyle changes that he made which led , to his complete recovery.

Martin Jones
Martin recovered from Lymes disease using Holographic breathing – a profoundly healing technique which he developed himself.
In this interview, Martin shares how he went from being unable to get out of bed back to living a full and active life.

Sasha Allenby
Fiona first met Sasha in 2008 when she helped her to recover from cancer using a combination of EFT and PSYCH-K.
Sasha had used these same techniques as part of her own healing protocol when she recovered from Chronic Fatige Syndrome. In this fascinating interview, Sasha, co-writer of Matrix Reimprinting, explains how she enabled her own recovery and talks about how she went from being unable to put on her own socks back to living a full and active life. She now coaches aspiring authors to write their own books.