Oct 292014

October 2014

Jonathan Coleman
Jonathon Coleman was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer, but rather than settle for the doctor’s prognosis, he embarked upon a healing path, leaving no stone unturned as he pursued his path to wellness.
He has infact become his own health expert and in this interview he very generously shares just what he has done to heal himself.

David Holden
David Holden is one of NZ’s top Naturopaths with a science background who co-trained in Natural Medicine in the 1980’s and 90’s. David has over 25 years fulltime clinical experience as a top end Naturopath / BioChemist and has specialised in hard to treat cases and in Holistic Cancer Support since 1997. He has developed significant resources to help cancer patients with personalized detox programs to dovetail with orthodox treatments, as well as complementary options to reduce side effects of chemo & radio therapy and to speed up recovery from cancer surgery.