Nov 122015

Tuesday 17th November 2015 9am & 9pm 


Anny Abreu is a licensed New York and Dominican attorney gone spiritual. The Duke graduate found that she was more interested in the emotional well-being of her clients than their legal issues.

Six years ago, a deep self-questioning; ignited a passion for knowing the self… and The Love Alchemist was born. She developed a spiritual practice that melted away a brain tumor and transformed her life from an attorney to assisting people in igniting their inner light and rediscovering a new joyful perspective that improves every aspect of anyone’s life: personal and professional.

The Love Alchemist’s passion is to stir the love and light within every human being that crosses her path. Through her unshakable knowing that everyone is love… she has been able to help others become aware of themselves and their power allowing people to live a daily life filled with true joy, permanent health and personal wealth.

Through Anny’s consistent interaction with her Facebook community; The Love Alchemist has been able to serve as an inspiration to many women and men to reclaim their life back!

From Fear to Love: Living in the Light of your Heart, is the book that The Love Alchemist will be sharing with everyone soon</p>

Anny Abreu “The Love Alchemist

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