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Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Phil tells us about his film The Promise  that this year won the award for the best scientific and educational film at The London International Film Makers Festival for World Cinema. The film is all about breast screening and particularly shows some of the politics behind the breast-screening programme and reveals the dangers of mammograms.
Followed by Angel Howerton who tells her incredible story of healing from stage 4 uterine cancer. She has been cancer-free for 3 years now having been given just months to live!

About Phil Hughes:

Phil is a homeopath who lives with his wife Rosa Hughes in the Wirral. He helped his wife Rosa to recover from breast cancer without using any conventional treatment. Their journey led them to research the effects of mammography and they were quite horrified to discover that women who underwent breast screening using mammograms had a higher incidence of breast cancer than those that did not. They then came across thermal imaging which uses non-invasive heat technology to detect cancers which can pick up cellular changes in the breast long before there are any tumours there.

Rosa - Front

They now run a thermal imaging service which screens thousands of women in order to protect them from the harmful radiation and compression effects of mammography.







About Angel Howerton:

Angel Photo

My Name is Angel. I had Stage 4 MMMT Carcinsarcoma Uterine Cancer. This is a very rare and aggressive  form of Cancer I had surgery and they took out a tumor the size of a baby’s head & then The Doctors told me I had 3 Weeks To Live And that has been Almost 4 Years Ago. I have been Cancer free for 3 years. I am a No Chemo No Radiation Cancer Survivor
I went back to my Native American Roots and was able to Holistically heal my  Mind Body & Spirit.

The Native American Way “”Everything on Earth has a Purpose, Every Disease has an Herb to Cure it, & Every Person has a Mission””
My Mission is to share my story globally THERE’S ALWAYS HOPE !

“I never owned Cancer it was not mine to own I let it pass through me in Love”

I am Honored to Share my Sacred Healing Journey and
12 Step Protocol to Optimal Health with you today
The most Important think is to::
“Never Give Up There’s Always Hope”

Love “Holistic Angel”
I am a Native American Herbalist
Holistic Coach, & Aromatherapist
You can Contact me at HolisticAngel777@gmail.com
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MMMT Cancer Survivor Holistic Angel

I also write health news blogs for Solitarius.org <http://solitarius.org/>