Aug 022015

Tuesday 4th August 2015 7pm: 
Fiona Shakeela Burns interviews three inspirational guests.
The focus is how to take control of your health:

4th August 2015:
Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer & German New Medicine


Vincent copyVincent Gledhill – My Journey with Colorectal Cancer

Vincent had a change in bowel habit including some blood in his motion. This led to a visit to the doctor and after some examinations, he was give the diagnosis of colorectal cancer. The doctor advised a colostomy, but instead Vincent made the choice to follow a holistic path back to health.

The diagnosis was in December 2014 and in this interview Fiona finds out what he is doing to heal himself and how he is getting on so far. He has a blog:



Nicola Corcoran – Growing Through Breast Cancer

Nicola CorcoranI was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma of the right breast in January 2010. I had 2 tumours measuring 2.4cms, widespread DCIS and early onset of Pagetts disease of the nipple. I chose to have a mastectomy and full axillary clearance, before beginning my voyage of discovery back to health. Since diagnosis, I’ve moved to Lewes, a beautiful town right in the middle of the East Sussex Downs, and now home educate my two children, aged 12 and 9. Life is great. My blog  is my on-line account of the holistic approaches I’ve taken over the past 5 1/2 years. I currently have ‘No Evidence of Disease’ and feel fabulous!!!!



Bill Tucker – German New Medicine, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

Bill TuckerMany years before I had spent 6 years trying to find a cure for the chronic fatigue and depression that plagued me after I put the drink down for the last time.

Not to mention the physical, emotional, and spiritual wreck that I had become! I had lived through many of the conditions that I would be working with, and more importantly…healed myself from all of them.

Now as far as the past addictions go,I am no fool, and am not aware of any addict that has gone back to using drugs or alcohol in a so called social way.

But 16 years or so further down the line I must be doing something right :-)I have no thought or desire of using drugs or alcohol to get me out of any mental or emotional pain in the way that I used to.

Mainly because the pain is not there anymore, and if any circumstances or issues come up for me, then I have the healers tools to heal them at source..

As long as I am willing to do the work of course :-)

I had to go on my own healers journey first! And a very interesting journey it has been :-)







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