Mar 312015

April 7th 2015 7-9pm (please note that this show is from a previous Back2Health Show recording)

Fiona interviews three inspirational women diagnosed with breast cancer who have taken their health into their own hands:

jessicaJessica Richards
Jessica was  diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and instead of following the doctor’s advice to have conventional cancer treatment, she decided to take a radical route to managing her own health. Amongst other natural therapies, she used Black Salve to successfully remove her breast tumour.

Years later, she is fit and well and is committed to helping others manage their own illness.
She wrote The Topic of Cancer to support others in managing their own health. The book focusses on supporting people to make the best possible  decisions for themselves about their health and wellbeing whatever methods of treatment they choose.


Nina JoyNina Joy
Nina’s whole world changed in the summer of 2012 – not only did she find out that she had cancer, but was told that it was incurable.

Nina decided to take full control of her own health, and totally changed her lifestyle. She has learned so much about cancer, its causes, and treatment options and delights in sharing with others what she has learned.

“It is my mission to change people’s perceptions about living with cancer. To show that you can still be happy, have a spring in your step, a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye”.
witter: @ninajoy1 To buy Nina’s books Adventures of a Cancer Maverick & How to be a Cancer Maverick


Ann Devlin
Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, but did not want to have surgery or chemotherapy and instead pursued a natural route to healing. She has surprised her health professionals with the health improvements she has made.
Along with all the usual dietary adjustments for resolving the imbalances leading to tumours being  produced by the body, Black Salve has been key to her recovery