Mar 222014



Entrance price to Wellbeing Festival: £15

Saturday 29th March 12pm
at The Wellbeing Festival
Hamilton House
80 Stokes Croft
Bristol BS9 4AJ

Fiona Shakeela Burns is a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath who has healed from cancer twice – first time as a child with leukaemia and second time 31 years later when she had metastasised cervical cancer which had spread to the ovaries and brain.

Both times, doctors  declared she was dying and both times she recovered completely – without any conventional medicine.

In this talk, she explains what cancer actually is and explains that to see it as ‘the enemy’ is actually detrimental to healing.

Fiona sees cancer as a fairly desperate attempt of the body to deal with an over-load of toxins in a body that has a poorly functioning immune system.

She also understands all serious disease to be an expression of the mind, body and spirit and explains that unless all these levels are addressed, full healing is unlikely.
Cancer has been a great teacher in Fiona’s life and is a disease that continues to fascinate her.

Cancer-free since 2008 and healthier now than she has ever been, she loves to share her understandings and findings with others!