Jan 092016

Tuesday 12th Jan 9am & 9pm

About Rhiannon:

Rhiannon is a channeller who was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix aged 35. As a single mother, she  knew she had to get well to take care of her son. Not trusting that the doctors prescribed protocol of surgery, chemo and radiation bring have the outcome she needed, she set about healing herself. 

She changed her diet and dealt with her disease on all levels: mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic.In this interview she describes how phase one of her healing journey proved ineffective (she had made a few dietary changes and taken herbs). A re-test led her to making much bigger changes and included a visit to a Mexican Clinic and also one to John of God in Brazil. Rhiannon describes how her healing culminated in an out of body spiritual experience which led to her knowing that she was healed – six weeks later, the cancer had completely left her body verified by medical tests. Six years on, she is healthy and well and helping many people in her one to one Skype sessions, webinars and retreats.