Dec 202014

7th July 2015 (please note that this show was originally aired in December 2014)

Jerome Braggs: Spiritual life coach, Inspirational speaker, Author, and Intuitive medium.


SONY DSCIn 2004, Jerome’s entire life transformed after a team of doctors diagnosed him with AIDS and kidney failure, then gave him seven days to live. On his deathbed, Jerome received a Divine Message, revealing the secret to living a healthy, delicious life: to learn how to love yourself fully, feel worthy and ENOUGH completely, and surrender everything else to God. Determined to survive, Jerome embarked on a deep, spiritual journey to fully embody these principles, which resulted in the miraculous healing of his body, and the creation of a delicious, and soul-full life.

Today, as a result of his journey, Jerome shares his story around the world, teaching individuals and soulpreneurs the keys for “soulicious living”—living a life that tastes really good to them, and is saturated with the presence of their Soul. Whether he’s speaking on stage, leading a workshop, or working privately with clients, Jerome reminds us all that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that it’s supposed to be deeply delicious.”