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Sue  Offilent

About Susan Olifent: 

I was diagnosed with a liver tumour in 2011 aged 45 ( I had been suffering extreme stabbing pains in my stomach for months and had lost a stone and a half quite quickly.) The tumour was 60 x 50 x 54 mm (two and a half inches) and was strangulating the bile duct tubes. I was told it was inoperable and there was nothing that could be done due to it being in such a sensitive area. I was sent home with Tamazepan sleeping tablets with my doctor saying he was so very sorry, and that I would need them. I remember going into town in a haze and found myself in a card shop buying special goodbye cards and trinkets for my family and friends.

At first I didn’t want to tell anyone. My husband Rob was still recovering from losing both of his parents to cancer within three weeks of each other in 2008, his dad a brain tumour, his mum had cancer spread just about everywhere.

We had also lost our business, and had five miscarriages, I felt if I told Rob it would be too much for him deal with. However when he came home that evening I remember shaking from head to toe and couldn’t stop crying. It was the same when my 16 year old came home I couldn’t hide this from them it was impossible.

I was fortunate that since losing his parents to cancer Rob had been researching cancer for years. He immediately got me on an anti-cancer protocol. Starting with a colon then liver cleanse. 30 apricot kernels chewed throughout the day. No sugar, processed foods, no pork, red meat, dairy, no shellfish, no microwave.

I started to green juice daily, everything we eat is organic, or home grown. I drink lots of herb teas (preferably straight from the garden when possible.) and drink at least 2 litres of filtered water a day. I eat lots of salads packed with many anti-cancer herbs and spices dressed with cold pressed virgin olive oil, or flaxseed oil. We don’t nibble on lettuce and carrots all day long as people think! We both feel we have never eaten so well. We do eat chicken and fish. We have soups, casseroles, stir frys, curries etc. I use organic virgin raw coconut oil for cooking.

Having a positive mental attitude and believing in a protocol as I did is also I believe important. I felt empowered by taking responsibility for my own health.

Within 3 months of this protocol my tumour was scar tissue much to the surprise of my oncologist, and all pains were gone.

Two years ago we set up our Active Cancer Therapy Support group. Rob has also written a book ‘Do you want to know what we did to beat cancer?’ We have a passion to share our experience and as much information as we can that may help others make an informed decision before being rushed into so called ‘treatments’. We hold free monthly seminars in Nottingham and are already getting some amazing testimonies from others following similar protocols as I, we encourage these people to come along and share their stories to help encourage and inspire others to know there are so many ways to stack the odds in their favour by taking personal responsibility for their own health.

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