Mar 202018

Cancerucan Spring Retreat

 – a not-for profit enterprize –

led by Fiona Shakeela Burns and team

Venue: Penny Brohn centre Bristol 

6th-8th April 2018

Start time 4pm Friday –  Finish time 4pm Sunday

A collaborative retreat for people who have had or have cancer
to learn from and be inspired by each other

The retreat will be co-ordinated and held by members of Cancerucan.

To include:

Yoga, Qi gong, talks, fire circe, sharings, workshops, bodywork sessions, healing,vision boarding, sharing healing stories, yummy organic healing food, Cancerucan caberet, Cancer comedy, laughter yoga and more

Overall Aim:

To create a safe, loving and sacred space for each of us to learn, be empowered and gain inspiration from each other and celebrate ourselves and our healing journey.

 Specific aims and objectives of the retreat:

  • Empower people to take charge of their own health
  • Encourage people to network and share resources and support
  • Inspire and educate
  • Support a fully integrative approach to health & healing
  • Enable people to relax, be nourished and pampered
  • Gain clarity in their thinking regarding their approach to healing
  • Create fun and friendly atmosphere for people to learn in
  • Share information around specific healing modalities inc diet, herbs, relaxation, energy psychology
  • Break from your normal family and home circumstances and conditioning
  • Meet other people who have recovered their health
  • Meet your virtual CUC friends in person

Thank you to ‘Yes to Life’,Together against Cancer‘ and ‘Laura’s gift’ for your generous donations.