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Talk: My Recovery From Aggressive Breast Cancer
Sunday 8th June 2:30pm

Jessica qualified in Clinical Hypnosis almost 30years ago.

As well as training Doctors, surgeons, midwives, dentists and anaesthetists for pain control etc, she specialises in personal development and leads Chief Executive workshops and retreats, working live facilitating rapid change by identifying and resolving self – limiting beliefs, using her highly effective ‘Groundhog Day’ process. She is in demand both as a professional speaker and on a one to one basis at her clinic in Harley Street where she works with CEO’s as well as with clinical referrals from her colleagues.

In May 2007 Jessica was diagnosed with breast cancer. A relatively large, invasive tumour of 3.5cms and was advised it would require 5 months of intensive chemotherapy, a partial or total mastectomy with reconstruction, removal of lymph nodes and 6 weeks of radiotherapy followed by 5 years of drugs.

After much investigation and visits to three Hospitals, she decided to engage in an alternative treatment programme under medical supervision.

Years later she is extremely fit and well having used diet, intravenous Vitamin C, high doses of vitamins and minerals and, most importantly mental discipline. Jessica firmly believes that it’s not the situation we are faced with which defines us but who we choose to be in relationship to it.

Jessica is a patron of the charity Cancer Active and the author of, The Topic of Cancer, an inspired and practical guide that will help you take control when faced with cancer. Jessica Richards website