Feb 012014

Gosia Gorna




Transformational Life-Coach

Workshop: Mind Body Therapy (2 Hours)
Saturday 7th June 2:15pm

Gosia’s work is based on the understanding that our emotions and thoughts have a powerful effect on our physical body and general well-being and it is important to take them into consideration in a process of change and healing. During the session we focus on letting go of anything that stands in the way of experiencing a healthy and fulfilling life. This may include fear or any other challenging emotions.

We are also going to look at how our hearts can dramatically enhance our health and well-being. Scientific research has shown that the activity of the heart is closely linked to the state of our emotions, health and well-being and that harnessing the power of the heart can lead to better energy levels, greater mental clarity, stronger immunity and an increased sense of well-being and happiness.

Using practical, simple and powerful techniques, Gosia reveals what you can do on a daily basis to activate the energy of the heart and in so doing, open the door to a healthier and more joyful life.

Benefits include :

* increased sense of peace and confidence
* reduction in stress, fear and other negative emotions
* more clarity about life choices and directions
* deepened sense of well being
* improved relationships with oneself
* more acceptance of yourself
* deeper nourishment of the whole person

About Gosia:

Gosia Gorna is a successful transformational life coach and trainer who works with clients from across the world. Gosia uses intuitive insight and a range of highly effective techniques to bring about a profound transformation in people’s lives.

Working with her brings clarity and comfort in times of confusion as, using the power of the heart and the mind, she turns seemingly insurmountable difficulties into the seeds of a more positive and life-altering journey.

By helping her clients to let go of fear, trust their inner wisdom and achieve clarity about the choices they make and their life’s direction, she sets them firmly on the road to fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

Gosia believes that ability to connect to our heart is the key to a healthy and fulfilling life. For more info about the power of the heart visit her website

She also works for Breast Cancer Haven in London – charity that delivers a range of free complimentary treatments, support and therapies for people affected by breast cancer.