Sep 162015

Sat 31st Oct | 14:00-17:00

In this seminar, you will learn about:

  • Coffee enemas – the rationale behind their use as part of a collaborative treatment plan
  • Vaginal packs – which herbs to use and how to make them
  • Rectal implants – how to use retention enemas for saturating pelvic circulation for improved lymph drainage and liver support
  • Pessaries and Suppository making – recipes & equipment





About Fiona Shakeela Burns

Whilst healing herself of Metastasised cervix cancer, Fiona knew she had to get the herbs to all of the places where the tumours were. She started researching and discovered that enemas, rectal implants, pessaries and suppositories had been historically used by various traditions in order to support a holistic treatment programme for people with cancer. She then began experimenting on herself and found that her body responded very well to these local applications of herbs used in this way. Fiona delights in sharing some of the  practical aspects of her health journey with her fellow herbalists and other practitioners.

Fiona embodies a clear message which is that bodies can and do heal! Fiona believes that health is our default setting – our job being to provide the body with everything it needs in the way of nutrition, detoxification support, relaxation, including good sleep, then get out of the way as much as possible and let the body return to homeostasis. She originally trained as a nurse – but knowing what she had already learned about healing due to her recovery from cancer aged eleven using The Gerson Therapy, she felt drawn to study natural medicine and undertook a four-year full-time course in Herbal Medicine, qualifying in 1992 as a Medical Herbalist.

Fiona discovered the importance of the unconscious mind and the role that the emotions play in our health during her second cancer recovery. As a result, she trained in EFT and PSYCH-K and now uses these energy-psychology treatments in her practice alongside herbal medicine and craniosacral therapy.

Her websites are:  

Fiona has organized two successful integrative cancer health-care conferences – ‘The Back2Health Conferences 2013 & 2014 in Bristol and Exeter. She has been hosting her radio show ‘The Back2Health Show’ for a year now, where she discusses various aspects of healing – focussing particularly on the diseases deemed incurable.  


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