Feb 022014



Conference Organiser
Medical Herbalist
Energy – Psychology Facilitator
Health Coach

Welcome & Introduction
Friday 6th June: 10:00am


 Why the Back 2 Health Conference?

Fiona understands that dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most stressful experiences that a person ever has to face. She has organised this conference in order to make available trustworthy and life-saving information that she believes should be freely available to anybody who needs it.

The word cancer is super-charged with fear and when we are fearful, we tend to give our power away. One of the most important parts to the healing journey is to deal with that fear because it is not possible to make intelligent decisions from that place.

It is not just your own fear you find yourself dealing with, but that of your friends, family and medics.

This conference is for everyone – whether you are personally dealing with a cancer diagnosis or supporting people who are, as a practitioner or a carer.

Fiona would not be alive today if it were not for the cutting-edge and common-sense information that she has been lucky enough to discover and utilise and she is passionate about making that information available to everyone.

Fiona has no agenda when it comes to what choices anybody makes for their own healing path. She simply believes that it is very important to have access to all of the information and that people have the right to make their own informed and therefore effective choices.
After all if you needed to have something done to your house, you would not simply invite in one workman and believe everything he says! – you would get a few quotes, check out references, see how you feel about that person, whether they will be the sort of person who cleans up the mess after himself etc! why then would you treat your own body any differently!

Fiona takes the approach that the NHS is a service and as such, it is there to serve you – but unless you as the client are clear about what you want, it can never do that properly.

For Fiona, cancer was never about fighting, it was about getting intelligent! She wanted to understand fully why she had got the cancer in the first place so that she could heal it completely (something that the medics assured her was impossible to achieve).

Her childhood cancer recovery which was due largely to the Gerson Therapy, led to her becoming a Medical Herbalist and she was able to bring this experience to her own healing process 31 years later.

Fiona was 41 when cancer struck for the second time  – this time it was metastasised cervical cancer which had spread to the ovaries and the brain. It was a combination of herbs, dietary changes, juicing, high-dose vitamin C infusions, cutting-edge cancer treatment in a German clinic as well as Energy Psychology treatments: EFT and PSYCH-K that enabled her to be cancer-free in only ten months.

She feels It was her determination to get well, coupled with her belief that it was possible, as well as her commitment to do what ever it took, that resulted in her dramatic and rapid return to health against all odds.

Having discovered for herself that there is no such thing as an incurable disease, Fiona delights in supporting others to connect to their own path back to wellness.

About Fiona Shakeela Burns

As well as her own busy clinic, Fiona runs Potions Classes for children, showing them how to make and prepare herbal remedies. 

Fiona is currently writing a book about her healing experiences.