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Helping you to find your own health solutions. A great Archive of interviews with inspiring people, who healed their own so-called incurable health conditions, Find out what is really possible when it comes to self-healing. All shows are archived so you'll never miss out...



From Surviving to Thriving Retreat Oct 2016 


July 2016 From Surviving to Thriving

2 inspiring events held in Central London was sold out to all those who wish to not just survive, but to thrive!

Chris Wark 'Eating for Health':  An active blogger, podcaster, health coach and speaker.

Fiona Shakeela Burns 'Embracing Life': Integrative natural health consultant Herbal Medicine, PSY-K and EFT. 

Liz Butler '7 Healing Elements' A leading nutritionist and founder of Body Soul Nutrition

2015 Bristol Cancer seminar for practitioners

 This weekend seminar was a must-attend for any practitioners who are supporting people with cancer.

Dr Xandria Williams
Early Detection and Safe Effective Monitoring for Cancer

Fiona Shakeela Burns

Rectal Implants, Enemas and Suppositories

Richard Linton

The History of Black Salve and how it has been used historically for tumour removal